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KingOfTheDragons1 really gets on my nerves; first of all, he keeps bugging random people to draw PPG foot fetish art for him, he even thinks that Blossom has a foot fetish. He has a couple mary sue/gary stu characters that are supposed to be “dragonic” counterparts of Blossom and Brick, he even RP’d with them and got blocked by a couple PPG RP accounts, as a result.



He also makes his own PPG fetish art and thinks there’s nothing wrong with it. When someone tells him that they’re just kids, his excuse is “oh, well they’re just drawn that way.” It’s like nothing that anyone tells him will make him stop being so disgusting and annoying.

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I personally detest The-E-Guess-Corner and his characters. His art style is decent, I’ll admit, and he has come a long way in terms of improvement, but his characters aren’t really that interesting or even that good to be frank. His main OC, Mister E. Guess, is, in my humble opinion, a Gary Stu. Leo has told me many times that he “holds magic beyond compare” and “not even the princesses know it”. He also said that E. Guess is some deity above the princesses and even formed life from thin air by creating a DA themed pony named Parler Chat. Guess can apparently shape shift as well, changing from unicorn to pegasus to alicorn etc. His other characters aren’t much better. Mimi Blackwhite is a changeling Pinkie Pie copy but three times as obnoxious, Goldilucks is a Mary Sue filly who is apparently even more powerful than her Uncle Guess and brought a game character to life via magic despite being six years old at the time and his other characters are not much better. He’s a terrible roleplayer as well, typically godmodding with his OCs and it drives me and many others nuts.

I also hate how he draw humans. The women all look like twigs with huge balloon tits and being non-binary, I never let him draw my ponysona humanized because the whole basketball boobs issue just makes me incredibly uncomfortable.

But that’s not the worst of it. Leo and I were good friends once, always talking, always doing art trades and always having fun, but he was also pretty nasty at times. I’m non-binary and when I came out to him, he said I deserved to be called a girl because that’s what I was and I’m just ashamed of myself. He didn’t know it at the time, but that was heartbreaking. Your best friend essentially shooting you down like that…I understand he’s from another country and all, but that’s no excuse. He’s never been understanding in terms of sexualities and non-binary genders, even going as far as calling my trans mare ‘weird’ and insulting me for having so many ponies that weren’t straight. He’s also insulted dear friends of mine.

A very close friend of mine used to run an ask account for her OC, The Smooze Pony. Se was a very interesting villain OC and I wished she didn’t deactivate it, but oh well..One day, she posted a journal complaining about people using The Smooze Pony for their goo/monster girl fetishes and Leo had told her that it was her fault for making her that way. Smooze Pony was never sexual in any way and was nothing more than a fun RP account with a rad villain.

Leo has also harassed another friend of mine. She’s a very sweet girl and was kind enough to make him a very cool icon of his ponysona transforming into himself. Now, this was intended to be a trade, and after Leo canceled her request, she was rightfully pissed and said she didn’t care anymore. Leo then said in a join, “You don’t care? You have a problem.” prompting her to close the join. He then had the gall to not apologize AND ask her for a request afterward. Recently, I confronted him about his behavior:

"No, I’m done hiding how I feel. You’re gonna sit there and read all of this vent-y garbage.

You are the only one here that has genuinely made me angry. I rarely get upset, but somehow, you manage to irritate me. You’ve insulted my characters, myself and even my friends on numerous occasions.

You don’t understand everything, Leonardo. When you insulted Waterworks in a join by saying she was a bitch because she’s hurt, I was beyond upset. She’s just grumpy. Is that so hard to understand? Truth be told: she’s more like me than any of my other OCs. To hear you say those things about her hurt on a very personal level. You’re more like Mimi than you know. You think you can help and you think you understand BUT YOU DON’T.

When I came out as neutrois, to you, you said, and I quote

(well uhh I guess you have your reasons, but if you’re a girl then I say it’s not need to adress you as them or they, that in some point is a bad thing for us to do, it means you don’t like the way you are, and that’s a lie to me, because if I were you, i could be proud of what I had done and not how I look, and by done I mean your art style, you’re a great Artist and Doller, even if I say so, so I do say you deserve being called a she, but hey, that’s me saying all that okay? i really respect if you don’t agree with me Sweating a little...)

Do you not understand how rude and hurtful that is? Even now, it still hurts. I came out to you first, y’know? Why you? Because I trusted you. 

Now, the straw that broke this camel’s back: you’re upsetting her. I could forgive the other two reasons over time, but god forbid, you start upsetting one of my close friends..I don’t care if you thought you were joking. You really don’t know how angry and upset you made her, do you? You had the gall to ask her for a request after you canceled a trade. 

It’s not what you did to me that makes me angry. It’s what you’ve done to her. I won’t have you acting like a jerk to her or anyone for that matter.

I do want to be friends, but it’s hard to be kind to someone whose actions are borderline bullying. Call me a bitch, beg for forgiveness, try and excuse your irreverent behavior, but honestly Leonardo? 

You needed to read this.”

and he said:

listen uhh 

I know I screwed up a lot of times, I mean gosh, I know how bad I messed up with her, you don’t really know how hurtful it is to me to do this to a friend, and it even hurts more that you say I don’t really understand it because I fucking do! I’m sorry but if I am making you upset this is making me upset too, so I am sorry okay

I am not stupid not to realizes things are wrong, I’m not perfect, so why this has to be down only to me? you already told me everything that you dislike from me, have I ever said what I dislike of you or her or —— or anybody else? no, because I try not to get into this kind of trouble, and if she has a problem, I shall talk to her, alright?

so please, if you think lecturing me it’s going to change stuff, I’m afraid both can play that game, and trust me, I don’t really want to say all the stuff I had kept since I met you

so please, drop it, I will talk to her when I get the chances, but in the mean time you stp out of it please”
Step out of it?
When you’re acting like a huge dick to me and my friends(and who knows who else)? I’ve given you so many chances, Leo. I’m done.

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This OrestesImagined dude is a nut. I say politely not to thank me for faves on my profile page politely in one of the boxes and that I’d prefer llamas instead of thank yous, but it’s not mandatory. This OrestesImagined user on dA flipped shit on me, began spamming my profile, and it was insane. I don’t know about you guys, but I’d block this user because I know lots of people that put on their page, “Please do not thank me for faves.” And he or she or they will more than likely flip shit on you too. I think they need mental help, in all honesty. Just warning people about OrestesImagined.

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Anonymous said: I don't post on deviantart anymore because I'm afraid of all the art theft.

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Anonymous said: I don't get why some people hate popular artists for no reason. Most of them are really kind.

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Anonymous said: My most confession that I had to admit is working on the body anatomy. I tried so hard to do it but it seems a bit "off" to tell you the truth. Yet, I'm still practicing the anatomy rather than getting a hissy fit about it.

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I get really annoyed when I go to someone’s main page and it’s nothing but gifs and stamps as far as the eye can see. If it takes longer than 30 seconds to scroll to the bottom of your page, you seriously need to tone it down. I mean, do you realize how much lag some of that stuff causes? Do we honestly need to see every single personality test result you’ve received since you’ve started on deviantArt? If I cared about that crap, I’d ask you about it!

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Anonymous said: Corruptedpixel is literally the most hateful person on deviantart. May want to avoid her.

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Anonymous said: jellybeanaddict27 is the worst dA user and i hate him so much

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Anonymous said: Can we just talk about the number of people who randomly give out llama badges to everyone. I feel like it's more for attention than being nice, since they leave it and run without even commenting on a picture

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Anonymous said: (confession) I rarely post anything on deviantART because i'm afraid i'll see one of my drawings on a bad art blog.

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Anonymous said: I absolutely hate Trainman3985 and his 'art'.

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Anonymous said: mirek312 is an innocent angel and that mean jellybeanaddict27 needs to stop bullying him for no reason

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Anonymous said: As an artist, I appreciate your llamas. I would hunt you all down and say thank you too. But after getting so many llamas, it's hard to keep saying thank you when that's the only form of recognition you give my postings. Like a piece, comment even. And maybe, just maybe, click that watch button. But I can't keep chasing down empty llamas.

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I wonder how many artist’s apologies about stealing/tracing/scamming/etc. are from sincere people actually realizing their mistakes or actually wanting to change rather than just apologizing because they have to out of ‘obligation’/other people pressuring them to.